Services / Billing

There are many Search Engine Optimization services out there. Some services offer tricks and gimmicks that claim to manipulate Search Engine Rankings, we don’t use such tools as they do little to maximize return on investment.


We practice the latest acceptable SEO Practices:

The key to every great Search Engine Campaign is to have a solid plan. Weather it be develop, maintain, implement, or create an online marketing plan we have a solution.

Prices and Billing

Pricing and billing for Search Engine Services are often complex and we at Birmingham SEO strive to make the process as easy as possible. There are two primary ways we bill for services. 1. By the job 2. By the Hour

Search Engine Optimization by the job will be outlined in a statement of work (SOW) outlining the job to be completed with a fixed cost. SEO by the hour will be based upon estimates of work and billed by the hour.

Birmingham SEO tries to make billing as simple as possible as contracting and billing can bog down time away from everyone’s goal. All contracts are negotiated on good faith with all parties interest in mind.